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What is healcode? Well it is a smart little piece of code (know as a widget) that the boys at healcode developed to link mindbody seamlessly to you website and mobile device.

Clients can book themselves into classes, appointments and workshops. Give your clients a great user experience on web and mobile devices. They offer the Paperless client registration FREE – no more clipboards – and the file is sent right into your system with no data entry necessary.

Imagine the time saved in data entry and also the ease of use for your clients to spend money with you.

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Registration Widget

If you’re ready to take the next step in going paperless then the Registration Widget is for you. Setup an iPad at the front desk and let your clients register themselves. No more paper forms.

Not ready to sign up for all widgets?

Get the Registration Widget free!

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Or it is just $20 per month (per location) for the whole package inc 


Appointment Widget

Our Appointments Widget gives your clients the ability to find the appointment they want right from your website. All information comes directly from your MINDBODY account.

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Schedule Widget

The HealCode Schedule Widget allows you to place your MINDBODY class schedule directly on your website – customized to match.

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Enrollment Widget

If you offer workshops, enrollments, courses or series then the Enrollments Widget is for you. This widget displays all of those and can also be customized to match your website’s color scheme.

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Prospect Widget

When a prospect fills out the Prospect Widget on your website, their information goes into your MINDBODY account. They’re also marked as a prospect, their email can be automatically added to Constant Contact, and you receive an email notification letting you know.

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staff profiles

Class and Staff List Widgets

Both of these widgets save you from having to constantly update your staff and class descriptions page. The information comes directly from your MINDBODY account, so if you hire a new staff member they’ll automatically show up on your staff page via the widget.

Check it out here   and here


Included – Mobile widgets are included at no extra charge with any HealCode widget account.

Customized – Color-customize the mobile-friendly widgets so that they match your website.

Show mobile-friendly class schedules, events, appointments, staff bios, etc,

If you are not sure how to get installed into your website we can look after all of it for you. Just contact us

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